17 Less Known WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Site

Security Tips

WordPress is powerful and secure at its core. Any potential vulnerabilities are patched by its security team fast.

But when you consider all the extensions and themes that enhance its functionality, it is no longer as secure.

So you need to do your part to secure your site.

While tips like “use a strong password” are common, this guide will help you establish a deeper layer of security with lesser known strategies for WordPress security.

Here is the definitive WordPress security checklist for high-level security on your website:

1. Protect important Files using .htaccess.

.htaccess is an important file that configures your server and controls the security of your entire website. It also controls the use of permalinks on your website.

Using .htaccess you can restrict access to important files. Here are the steps:

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13 Most Popular WordPress Themes: Hand-Picked Collection

Most Popular WordPress Themes

Thinking to build a website on WordPress but still confused with what all things should it include?

We might help you with one of the things and that is – “Help you pick a perfect theme for your website”.

The design and layout of the website matter because a study shows that visitors take 50 milliseconds to develop an impression of the website. This means you need to set up a cool theme for your website to keep the visitors stuck up in there

Do not worry mate, we have shortlisted a few Popular WordPress themes for you. Take a look…
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7 Security Tips To Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers

So WordPress now powers about 39% of all websites. Do you know what else all that popularity and ease of use buy? Yep, security breaches. As more and more businesses have started to move towards CMS platforms, cybersecurity is having a hard time.

Although there have been a number of security improvements being implemented day in and day out, third-party publishers are whole another story.

According to PurpleSec, 25% of all WordPress plugins were flagged as having critical security flaws. These malicious plugins could use your PC’s resources for crypto mining which could slow your computer down to a halt.

Now, not all hope is lost. There are a few measures that you can apply by yourself to safeguard your site. These tips will not only secure your site but also make it work better.
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11 Best Exit Popup Plugins for WordPress (No. 3 is Awesome)

Exit Popup

Are you thinking about using Exit Popups on your site to hold on to those abandoning visitors? It might just be that step in your strategy that boosts the coveted conversion rate.

An exit popup is the last resort that appears when a visitor is about to leave your site. So a well-created exit popup can bring the visitor back or get them to opt-in for an offer.

But choosing the one that fits your needs can be a confusing task because there are a lot of plugins to create exit popups for WordPress out there.

That’s why in this article, we go through 11exit popup plugins for WordPress that we think are the best, including their features and pricing.
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How to Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress (2 Ways Explained)

Disable Updates

Are you aware of the fact that WordPress can update your website automatically? WordPress is capable of updating the themes and plugins for your site as well.

While updating your website automatically might provide additional security benefits, still there are chances that it might break your site’s performance.

In this post, we aim at helping you understand the process to disable WordPress theme updates automatically.

Why are WordPress Automatic Updates for Your Site Not a Good Idea?

The concept of background automatic updates for your site and its features were introduced with WordPress 3.7. This update was made towards promoting improved site security.
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5 Effortless Ways to Speed Up Image Loading For WordPress Site

Images are regarded as the core component of any website. Especially when you are running a WordPress blog, you cannot do without high-quality images that emanate the core notion of the blog.

However, as you post high-quality images on your WordPress blog or site, it is recommended to look into the page loading speed at the same time.

As per a study by HTTP Archive, images are known to take up around 60 percent of the data that gets loaded on the respective web pages. As images are an integral component of any WordPress blog or page, you need to ensure effective image loading speed for your site.
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