Privacy Policy

The privacy of data shared by the clients is of utmost value in the digital world. This document mentions the way in which important data is managed by

This document contains the following details:

  • Types of Information
  • Need to gather information
  • Use of information
  • Security
  • Surety
  • Making changes
  • Third Party Issues
Types of Information

1. Personal Information
The readers enter their personal information, like email address, while signing up into social network accounts. The readers will have to log in to your respective account for services related to social network and our access to those details will depend on your account’s privacy settings. We too have complete access to the direct information that you enter.

2. Technical Information
Some of the technical details are automatically stored when the visitors give responses. This record is used to keep track of your movement and selections on our site through IP Address, Operating System etc.

Need to gather information

The main intention to gather visitor’s data and feedback’s is to improve the site’s performance in all aspects.

Use of Information

1. To upgrade services: We record the information of your areas of interest and try to know what you expect from our site. This way we can develop new opportunities for our visitors so that they can make effective utilization of it.

2. To solve issues: With the help of feedback we keep the record of the queries and solve your doubt regarding our service. We make you aware about our upcoming events via newsletter emails.

3. To fulfill quality standards: By reading the feedback’s, we try to improve our service.

4. To boost advertising needs: We gather the information of our readers and use them to
provide more appropriate advertisements.


We protect the personal data and don’t disclose it to any third party without your consent. However, only on strict Governmental request for investigation we are supposed to disclose our visitors’ personal information according to the laws and orders. The personal information may be shared with our analysts to carry out external process of our services.


We try to secure all the information associated to our assets. However, complete surety can’t be given.

Making changes

Details can be updated if they are mistype and the old details will be replaced by their new details.​
The visitors can unsubscribe our Newsletter at any time.

Third Party Issues

This Privacy Policy document is applicable only to website.

Alterations in Privacy Policy

Consequently, we may update our privacy policy anytime as the terms may keep on changing. We will inform our customers through email.

Contact Us

For any issues regarding our privacy policy terms, please visit our contact us page.