About Us

My name is Priyadarshan and I am a small business owner just like you.

When I started my entrepreneurship journey way back in 2008, I struggled with so many problems, including:

  1. Wasting my time doing petty tasks related to technology or design.
  2. Hiring non-core professionals like designers, developers for part time work.
  3. Dealing with multiple agencies/freelancers

This left me no time to do my core business work. Instead of working ON the business, I was working IN the business.

Then I started Half Pant Hippo (HPH).

HPH takes care of all your design, web development, app development, digital marketing needs – for a low price, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Here’s how HPH can help you:

  1. You deal with single agency (that’s us) for all your design/development needs. That saves you lot of communication time and avoids confusion.
  2. It’s more cost effective than hiring full time experts in design, development, etc.
  3. Even when you have full time resources, you can get HPH to do tasks which are easy to do and is waste of their talent. Let your team work on most important things while HPH takes care of the trivial stuff.
  4. HPH is best when the amount of work is more. Your per task rates are incredibly low.
  5. HPH is best when the amount of work is less.
    Because when work is less, no need to hire full time developers/designers.

HPH will really help you stay focused on your business.

I hope you find HPH useful in freeing your quality time to do business stuff and grow it further.

Focus on your business.

Grow your business.

Join Half Pant Hippo today!

Priyadarshan Joshi