You want to setup a Website from scratch? Yes.

You need 4 things:
Domain, Hosting, WordPress, Themes. Ok.

Let's start with Domain.
Have you registered a domain yet? Yes or No.

Good. In that case, we can move to Hosting. Ok, then?

Step 2 is about Setting up Hosting.
We will use Bluehost as an example. Ok. Take me through.

No worries. Let's register a domain.
Are you ready? Yes

Visit Type the domain name you want in the search box.

If your domain is available, click "Add to Cart". Done.

Confirm your order. Done

Create your account.
Don't forget password! Done.

Fill your contact details.
Then click Continue. Done.

Make payment.
Click 'Continue' and that's it!. What Next?

Congrats. You just finished Step 1.
Let's begin Step 2.

In Step 2 we set up Hosting.
We will use hosting from Bluehost. Ok. Take me through.

First, visit Bluehost. You there?
You will see below screen. Ok, then?

Click Get Started Now Button. Done.

Select your plan.
For this demo, we select Basic Plan. Ok.

Either register a new domain or enter existing one.


Enter your contact details. Ok.

Select your plan. The longer the term you select,
the more discount you get. Ok, I have selected the plan.

Enter details and make the payment. Done.

Now create your password
(don't forget to store your password safely).
Good Point. I have saved it.

Its time to login!. Ok, great.

Well done! You are half way thru the process. Phew!!.
Let's start the next steps in 5 seconds.

Go to Godaddy and Login.
Go to  Domains > Select Domain >
Select Manage DNS. Ok.

Under NameServers, add Bluehost's nameservers there. Ok then?

Click Save changes.
It may take up to 24 hours for your hosting to work
so don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away. Ok.

Now, its time to install WordPress.
Let’s start! Login to Bluehost. Ok

Login & click on Domain Settings. Ok.

Click on 'Nameservers' tab. Ok, I am there.
Here are default Nameservers of Bluehost:

Go to Namecheap and Login.
Go to Domain List > Domains > Select Domain >
Select Manage > Under NameServers, select Custom and
place Bluehost's nameservers there. Ok.

Click Save changes.
It may take up to 24 hours for your hosting to work
so don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away. Ok

Now, its time to install WordPress.
Let’s start! Login to Bluehost. Ok

Now, its time to install WordPress.
Let’s start! Login to Bluehost. Ok

Click on 'Install WordPress'. Ok.

Select the domain for this WordPress installation.
Leave the directory field blank.
Ok. Done

Now enter your site name (can be changed later), username,
email address and password. Keep a note of these details.

You can keep track of the installation progress at the top of the page,
though typically installation takes 5 minutes. Ok. Got it.

Its easy to get WordPress installed.
Now you can browse to http:///wp-admin to login.
Ok, I am there.

You should now be able to see the admin dashboard. Yes, I see it.

Now, let's customize Title and Set Front page. Ready? Yes.

Go to Settings > General Settings. 
Enter details here. Make sure you set these correctly,
as it may come back to haunt you if you don't! Yes, I done.

Now, go to Settings > Reading. I am there

Here you can decide what function your site can take.
You can set front page to take people straight to the Site or
you can set which static page you want for the home page.
Ok, I have done that.

Well done in making this far! Now, let’s create Pages & Posts. Ok

To add new page, go to Pages > Add New. Add title, some content
and click publish. If you aren’t ready to publish the page,
click draft. OK, done.

To add a new post go to Posts > Add New,
its then the same procedure as above.
Ok, cool!

Now, let's add Pages/Post to the Menu. I am ready.

Go to Appearance > Menu.
Select your menu and select 'Add to Menu',
you can then drag and drop to arrange it. Ok, done.

Now let's install the theme on your website. Ready?

In admin dashboard select 'Appearance' and
then 'Themes' from the left-hand menu. Ok, I have done that.

Click the 'Add New' button.
Then search for your theme using the search bar at the top right.
If you have been provided a theme file you can select upload theme
from the top of the page. Done.

Click Install and that's it! Your favorite theme is installed.

Now, let's learn how to add plugins to the site. Ok

Plugins – as the name suggest are tools that adds functionality to your
WordPress site. 

Plugins can turn your website from a simple webpage to a fully-featured
e-commerce store, a user forum, a video streaming site, a member's
only website and much more. OK. I understand.

Now, let's learn how to find the best plugins. Ok.

There are two good places to search: Codecanyon and Ok.

Once you find the best plugin to install, let me show you how to install it. Ok.

From the Admin Dashboard select Plugins > Add New. Ok, done.

Search for the plugin you want, or upload it if you have the files. Done.

Click Install, and give it a few minutes to install.
From the Plugins > Plugins page activate your plugin.
Ok, got it.

Here are my few favorite plugins. Show me.

Updraft Plus (Paid) : It’s too easy to accidentally break your WordPress website when installing a 3rd Party Plugin or theme, make sure you always have backups. And this plugin does just that. It’s a life saver! Got it!
Visual Composer (Paid) : It’s THE BEST Page Builder for WordPress. Just drag and drop and create stunning page layouts in minutes. Love it!. Ok. What next?
Ninja Popups (Paid) : If you ever want users to signup for your newsletter, this is the plugin to have. Few clicks and you get beautiful popup done. Cool, any more?

That's it. Your Wordpress Site should be ready now.
What Next?

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