Did you hit the send button on your email, only to have it bounce back as a delivery error?

We’ve all faced the same frustrating, ‘Oops…as server error occurred, and your email was not sent (#007)’ message. If today’s that day, relax.

Our tech team has all the possible solutions you’ll need to correct the problem. Get your important email out by following these simple hacks.

(What does the error mean and why it happens)

So, the first thing to understand is that this server error usually occurs because of Gmail’s Lab features. Many of them are in the developmental phase and are not fully ready.

We have all been in a rush when setting up our email accounts. That has led to us giving access to a lot of features from the backend which are not really required.

Body Copy: (Ways to solve the error)

Solution 1

Step 1. Log into your Gmail Account

google signin

Step 2. Go to the Settings icon (Gearbox symbol)


Step 3. Select the ‘Lab’ option

Google lab

Step 4. Search for ‘Background Send’

google background send popup

Step 5. Disable the ‘Background Send’ option

Pro Tip: These setting changes can take a few minutes to take effect. This means the command given may come into play for future sessions. Encourage this process by restarting the browser after the change.

In the slim chance that the error isn’t fixed through this solution, worry not. Continue onto solution two.

Solution 2

Step 1: Update your browser to its latest version

update google chrome

Step 2: Delete the cache and cookies

Delete browsing history

Step 3: Disable all browser extensions/add-ons

chrome extensions

Step 4: Restart the internet browser

Step 5: Re-open Gmail, without Labs

Step 6: Disable your anti-virus scanner.

Pro Tip: In the rare case that solution 2 also doesn’t work, you will need to get to the root of the problem.

Try resending the same email from another device. If you’re successful, then the problem lies with the system used in the first case.

Solution 3

Sometimes, the anti-virus software installed can trigger the error too. This is when emails are scanned automatically from a third-party system before they are sent out. This can cause a trip in the process and lead to the error message.

Step 1: Open your anti-virus settings

Step 2: Select the ‘Mail Shield’ option and turn it off

Step 3: Chose the ‘Stop Permanently’ option.

Solution 4

You may not want to do this, but it is another way around the problem. Switch your internet browser. Many anti-virus programs do not have an email scanner. If a Gmail web application was previously used, we suggest moving over to Chrome or Opera.

Attach Media

Pro Tip: Double check if there is an attachment in your email is above 25MB.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Multiple websites will state that software from them will help solve this email error. Do not fall for this. These are just ways to add ransomware to your device and access private information through spyware.
  • Intense firewall settings must be rechecked and adjusted accordingly if the problem persists.
  • Network issues and Gmail servers can throw up errors depending on your location as well.


An email error message can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours, depending on the cause of the problem. Be prepared to go through all the possible solutions and read up about the various reasons why they happen, if it continues.

There are times when unique cases are presented on chat forms to help people out. Be patient, every technical problem can be resolved, with the right tools and knowledge.

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