How to Install a Free SSL Certificate (2 Tested Methods Explained)

Free SSL

Even a few years ago, there was nothing called free SSL. But now we have it! Thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

In this article, we will explain how to install a Free SSL certificate for WordPress and also on any other website.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

Internet is the place where all the users share a lot of their personal information in various ways, such as signing into a website, purchasing any product, creating free accounts, etc. But, are all these personal information safe. Not when a website is not encrypted. And, here comes the SSL (Secure Socket Layers). It issues a unique certificate to each website that provides encryption technology to secure the information shared through that particular website.

Sponsored by many companies including Facebook, Google, Mozilla, Internet Research Group has come up with a free SSL certificate solution that is known as Let’s Encrypt. It is the best free SSL certificate that is issued for general public.
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