WordPress has made creating websites easy. It offers a wide range of themes and features.

Since there are lots of themes available in the market it becomes hard to choose the right one.

A lawyer needs a theme that is decent and whose appeal reflects the likes of a law firm.

Choosing the best lawyer theme will help you build a website that provides a user- friendly experience.

Well, we are here to make the job easier for you. We have sorted some of the best WordPress themes for lawyers here.

We at Half Pant Hippo are dedicated to help website owners, bloggers, agency partners setup WordPress Themes for Lawyers. Whether you need us to manage 1 website or support 100s of client sites, we’re here for you!

In this article, we will explore 8 best WordPress themes for lawyers

Let’s get started then!

Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers

1. Justly


Lawyers seem intimidating, but you are at the helm of the judicial system. In today’s era, you too need a representative who provides details to your clients. This theme is for those who are looking for an elegant display.

The design and the home template say it all. For all those who are looking for a simple and clean design, this is an interesting option to choose from.

This WordPress theme exudes the sophistication of a law firm.

This theme offers various features such as:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Highly responsive
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • Compatible with all kinds of browsers, firefox, safari, chrome, opera, IE9etc.
  • The core of the theme is the GPL3 Unyson framework to customize as per your requirement.

2. Lawyer Zone Pro


This is a decent theme for developing a website not just around law firms but also a portfolio page for advocates, barristers, etc. This page has a unique of displaying information.

The sliding header provides a complete frame to highlight the features and ongoing campaigns of the firm.

Viewers can easily skim through the page and every detail is revealed smoothly.

The features of this page are distinct:

  • Advanced custom widgets
  • WordPress Live customizer
  • Unlimited sliders
  • Advanced logo options
  • Social Integration
  • Page builder compatible

3. Lawyer


The perfect choice for displaying unparalleled, comprehensive information and features of a firm. A practically designed theme to deliver the functionality of the firm.

This theme is best for its feature of loading fast, which reduces the bounce rate of viewers.

This is theme has simple yet very useful features, to develop a user-friendly site. The key features are:

  • Fluid responsiveness
  • Unique home page designs
  • 7 About section options
  • SEO optimization
  • Speed and AdSense Optimization
  • Advanced option panels

4. Decree Pro

decree pro

This theme offers a wide range of functionality and customization options. It will definitely leave a strong impact on the clients and visitors.

The framework is wholesome as every feature necessary for a law firm is covered.

The content blocks make it easy for the viewers to skim through the page.

This theme is abundant with features and optimizations, which will assist you to increase traffic on your website.

Following are the features that this theme offers:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Easy add and remove links
  • Plenty of widget areas
  • Various color options
  • Optimum sidebar and header utilization options

5. Master law


A dynamic option built for Attorneys, Legal offices, Lawyers, Attorneys, Legal Advisers, Barristers, Counsels, Solicitors, Advocates.

Some themes show the purpose of the page at first glance. This theme does just that.

Easy to install and setup, this theme works magic for those looking for decent website design.

There is a range of sliders options available as per your requirement, along with the following features:

  • Unlimited color options
  • WooCommerce layout and responsiveness
  • Over 200 elements
  • Plenty of customization options available while building the page.

6. Lawzo


This WordPress theme can be used by attorneys, law firms and various other legal consultancy firms.

A profile or a website of a lawyer should display his expertise and testimonials of the work done so far.

This theme will let you provide information through distinct categories and options given the header.

You can get data that is relevant and can be easily found in one click on the website.

The interesting features that theme offers are:

  • It is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Various colors and background options available.
  • Includes 600+ fonts
  • SEO Optimization
  • Gives the option of adding plugins through WooCommerce.
  • Efficient translation is available.

7. Attorna


This is a sleek WordPress theme, which provides compliments the profile of a lawyer. The format of the theme enables the user to provide his audience with a customized search and navigation on the website.

This is a unique theme you will come across in terms of the appeal of the website that one will finally observe.

It is one of those themes which give multifunctional options to build your site or profile.

The features of this theme include:

  • Live customization
  • Offers Auto updates
  • Unlimited sidebar
  • 14 blog layouts and 9 portfolio layout options
  • Mobile friendly
  • 700+ google fonts are available.

8. Juris


Last but not least. In this set of best WordPress themes for lawyers, this by far one the most unique themes you will come across.

The display highlights a professional structure. There are also subtle nuances that reflect the frame of the website as one.

The theme offers three homepage layouts which will help you determine the screen layout required by you.

The key features of this theme are:

  • 5 unique demos and layout styles
  • The options panel allows you to create multiple headers
  • Enabled with Elementor page builder, one can find various shortcuts while editing
  • Customization is available in every segment of the theme.
  • Easy four-step installation.


These are a few handpicked WordPress themes for lawyers. These themes are all unique and dynamic.

The features of each theme are distinct, serving the purpose of everyone. Simple or minimalist design to the ones who wish to display a detailed structure.

A palette of different themes is provided and hence you will not face any hassle in finding the one that suits you the best.

Let us know which you would like to use. Leave a comment below.

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